Napa County, Carneros Vineyard, Aerial Video at Dusk

Last Tuesday evening I flew my Inspire 1 quadcopter with a 4K camera over a vineyard to capture some content for Ken Kobre’s documentary on Rose’ wine.


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Kenzmyth Productions New Corporate Video for PPI

The first meetings for this video project took place in Sept. 2014 and our first shoot was in Feb. 2015.  The final shoot was in June 2015 and editing began shortly after. The video has three sections spanning the origins, current state and future of the institute. Over two and a half days in February we shot 39 interviews on location in Rancho Palos Verdes at the Terrenea Resort and Hotel. We had a crew of  6; two camera/audio, one location/b-roll camera, two makeup and one director/producer… me. One of the biggest challenges was the legacy/history portion which was had multiple on camera story tellers, but had very little archival imagery.

The in house producer for PPI, Mark, did a great job editing down the interviews and getting them into a logical order and the folks a Kreativz wrote a solid narration script which I read for the voice over.

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Breathless Wines Promotional Video

My crew and I went to Healdsburg last fall and spent a day shooting video and stills at Rack and Riddle for the Breathless Wines label. The video I produced and edited was an appeal for funding assistance to build a tasting room for the Breathless Wines efforts in supporting local charities and non-profits.

Patti Brunelle, Larry Dyer and Bill Zemanek performed yeoman/yeowoman service with cameras and microphones.


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1950 MG Y-Type or MG YA Goes to Work

I gave my 2000 Ford Focus to my daughter so the Y has become my daily driver. Since I am in the midst of a number of home improvement projects, including a studs-out bath redo, I fitted a Yakima rain gutter mount roof rack to my 1950 MGYA and went off to Home Depot and Rafael Lumber. The composite plastic bath was fairly light, but I did stack up 7 sheets of 1/2″ moisture resistant sheetrock for one trip. The Y made the trip with no complaints but the roof rack moaned and groaned a bit under the 300 pounds of rock. I also picked up a 24″x24″ vinyl slider window at Home Depot. As you can see, it pretty much filled the “boot”.

MG YA with Bathtub


MG YA with Sheet rock 1


MGYA with Sheet Rock 2

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Prologis Impact Day 2015

Bill Zemanek and I shot our 4th consecutive Impact Day for Prologis in May. In this episode we see Prologis employees serving food to clients at St. Anthony’s dining room, boxing food for seniors at the San Francisco Marin Food Bank and painting rooms at an educational center in San Francisco.

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First Paying Gig with the Aerial Camera, DJI Inspire

It was actually pretty easy to get going with the DJI Inspire. I watched their online training and safety videos and made sure I had completed my pre-flight check list before lifting off.

Smooth as silk, as they say. The Jubilee Jumps shoot was in a public park are with only a couple of trees on the perimeter and no power lines or light poles. I made a mental rule to keep the quadcopter at least 10 feet above any humans. I did get a little closer to the kids on the climbing wall.

The music? That was suggested by a guessing contest of what the ice cream truck was playing and from what movie sound track. “Buttons and Bows” made it’s debut with “Pale Face” in 1948, starring Bob Hope and Jane Russell.

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Aerial Motion Pictures from Kenzmyth Productions

Yeah, Okay, I bit. How could I not? Really, to get a NEW camera that flies… nifty, kean-o, coolio, Awesome, the bees knees, etc! I am still in the first week of owning, flying and recording 4K video, but I am hooked; in a good, big way. Enjoy this 1-1/2 minute video.

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