Meet Ken Smith.

Ken Smith is a Renaissance man. Kenzmyth Productions has produced a short documentary now on the festival circuit in the US. Ken has produced several business to business, informational and marketing videos for Bay Area and US companies. He has been a commercial photographer since 1985. His art photography is currently shown in two Bay area galleries, and in international collections.  He taught studio photography at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. He has been the featured vocalist and guitarist on two CD albums and restored 6 British sports cars from the ground up and an MG YA Sedan in process. Before these recent endeavors, Ken co-owned an Emmy winning scenic design and construction company in San Francisco. In the ancient past, he had a 15 year career in medicine as a nurse, surgical technician and respiratory therapist. He currently lives and works in Marin County, California.

Contact Ken:

Phone: 415-699-3549

Ken Smith and his 1966 MGB V8          Photo by Pat Kaye

IMG_3082_1562   1956MGA   70GTRight    65MGBLeftFront   1955 MGTF-B PU  IMG_1888


One response to “Meet Ken Smith.

  1. Cecil Sumners

    Hi Ken,
    Wasn’t sure how to contact you using the MG Experience site so I’ve opted for this route.
    You’re doing the same thing as I, shoehorning a “B” motor into your TF. Mine came that way and curently starting on an engine replacement as we speak.
    It’s my first time to see what was done to get the engine in place–an interesting experience but the posts are proving very helpful.

    Wanted to get your opinion on the OD tranny….I had been of the opinion that it was to fat to fit…since I don’t have a tranny tunnel that may be wrong?
    Thanks Ken,
    Cecil in Charlotte

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