Insect Macro-Photography

Long time since I have posted. Not because I haven’t busy; I have. Macro or extreme close up photographs of things has always fascinated me, but I haven’t really done much of it because of the other many image making projects I have worked at and on over the years. I recently decided to give it a go and initially shot some images with my Sony FE 24-70mm f4 zoom lens, not realizing it did have a modest macro focus mode. Then I bought some inexpensive tube extensions so I could focus closer to my subjects. Then I started buying some old macro lenses on EBay and extensions. Ultimately, I bought a Sony FE 50mm f2.18 Macro lens. At any rate, I have shot with 5 or 6 different lenses with varying degrees of “success”. Some of the early images are in this short video called “Bees in Lavender Samba”. Enjoy.



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2 responses to “Insect Macro-Photography

  1. Dearden David

    Thank you Ken

    See you for the concert.

    DnK >

  2. Lou VanKoningsveld

    MGBTF   —   Ken, I was hoping to see more of your MGBTF restoration.  Do you happen to have any more videos?  Lou VanKoningsveld

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