My Facebook Account is Blocked(temporarily, I hope)… So here comes a rant.

Rant on Pence, 2/17:

Mike Pence – why do you care so much about the reproductive systems of my children and their children? Why are you so stone like in your heart that you would have a female child die rather than be allowed a chance at having an adult life. Why would you rather an unwanted child be the ward of a society that you won’t support and will destroy if you and your anti-human republican crony haters have their way? Is this the love that your “good book” teaches? What about your neighbors, the ill, the meek, the dispossessed, the immigrant, the lame, the unemployed, the unemployable, the mentally deficient, the drug addled? What about the good people that do want their government to be of the people, by the people and for the people? Why do you want it to perish from this earth to be replaced by a collection of oral narratives told by ignorant desert nomads and transcribed generations after their inception and codified to reveal a hateful, spiteful, vengeful, capricious, unknowable, secret, nameless, moral dictator who would rather you be punished with a sea of fire for not believing in it and rejecting any other philosophy because you are born with the sin that condemns you and that means all zygotes, foetuses, and babies are doomed if they die before they can talk? Okay, this was a waste of time, but I feel a bit better, Pence on Fire.


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