Benefits of Republicana Theocratica

Republican Theocracy

Let’s see; what are the benefits to the average middle class and working class Americans offered by all the Republican policy changes promised:

  • Repeal Obamacare – 33 Million lose Insurance 20K die
  • Cut Medicare – 11 million people lose benefits 15K die
  • Cut Soc. Sec. – millions of seniors eat cat food, live in boxes
Abolish the EPA – the planet goes dark in 60 years
  • Abolish Dept. of Educ. – children become dumb Christians
  • Re-do HUD – yet more families under overpasses
DACA & DAPA repeal – Go back where you didn’t come from.
  • Build a wall – alienate allies and displace immigrants
Ban Muslims – create more ISIS warriors and Muslim hate
  • Oil Pipes across America – the hell with Natives and you
Nuclear Arms Build Up – planet goes boom real soon
  • Get cozier with Russia – Hooker pee breaks for all
  • Ditch Nato – Who need Europe anyway?
  • Send Feds into Chicago – Help shovel snow?
  • Defund Planned Parenthood – Not my baby, not my baby.
  • Defund NEA – Art serves no real purpose, fuck art.
  • Defund PBS – F#@k Art, watch Fox.
  • Corporatize the Internet – dear leader will run everything
  • SOS/Oil Department – ExxonMobil Diplomacy, for sure.
  • AG/DOJ – Non-Whites Beware: Cracker at the wheel
  • Rust belts get rustier, coal mines keep their coal
  • Minimum wage is still MINIMUM wage so head down to the new Republican Cardboard Boxhouse Agency to buy your own cardboard box home to put under the underpass… OR, live in a two bedroom, one bath apartment with 9 other working adults, 7 toddlers and a hamster.
  • Rich get Richer, but the poor don’t get richer and the middle class get to put Humpty Dumpty America back together, again.

Thank you, mine hair furor. America IS GREAT agin.


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