MG Cars: New Engine and Transmission for the MG TF/B Pickup

Last December, after we had purchased our new home here in Santa Rosa, but before we closed escrow, I saw a CL post for a rebuilt MGB engine and 4 speed transmission. $600.

I bought it with the understanding that I would pick it up in February after we had moved in the new house.

My plan was to install the engine and trans. into my MG TF pickup and put the British Automotive built engine and a Ford T9 5 speed into the MG YA to make it a more comfortable freeway car.

Right after my last post here in May, I started the R&R process on the TF. My original engineering on the MGB engine swap with MGB OD transmission needed some modifications anyway, so there would be new motor mounts and a reduced size trans tunnel for more driver leg room.

The process of removing the engine and transmission first required removing the radiator grille, radiator, hood/bonnet, hood sides, front wings/fenders and running board chrome strips. Yeah, a lot of unbolting and re-attaching of body parts just to get at the engine and trans.

During June, I spent a lot of time on the dis-assembly, planning the refit, ordering parts, and designing a new from engine mount that allow for a 2-1/2″ lowering of the motor and then longer bolts and spacer to lower the transmission, too. Of course, there are always interruptions, false starts, distractions, etc. to prolong the process. Ultimately, however, after completing the process, the car does drive better, still starts instantly, and feels more comfortable in the cockpit.

The new motor mount utilized the TD/TF block of rubber with studs and bolt plate moved forward to the Y type mount slots in the crossmember. I still used the front engine plate to bolt the new mount, adding two lower bolts beneath the timing cover for a total of six from the MG TD/F four bolt configuration. The photos below will give you the idea and, hopefully, illustrate the new mounting system.

Old, modified MG T series mount.

New Engine Mount

Cardboard mockup


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