Transitions, Trees and Calla Lilies.

It’s been 7 months since I last posted. We moved out of our house in San Rafael in order to finish the preparations to sell it. We spent a week in Sonoma, two weeks in New York City with a side trip to the northern tip of Long Island, then back to San Rafael to stay at my step daughter’s temporary home for few days. Then, off to Sea Ranch for a week… ahh, it was lovely.

We rented a furnished house at Oakmont in Santa Rosa for two months, and then another in Oakmont for a month. Our house had still not sold, so we moved in with my step-daughter, her new beau and our grand daughter for three weeks. Finally in December we sold the house and purchased a new home in Oakmont and moved in the last week of January. Whew!

Since then, I have been doing renovations to the bathrooms and painting and updating the electrics and…

So, that’s my excuse for not updating the blog.

I have started a new series of Sonoma County landscape photos and have re-booted my guitar playing.

More to come.

GrayRoad_DSC02856-PanoOld Barn Hwy 12_DSC00656_NikBWCalla_Lily_4-4-16_NikBWDSC01025


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